Pedigree Learning Edge India Pvt Ltd has been an award-winning  path-paver in the field of education for over a decade now. Winning much recognition puts it ahead of its competitors. Today, there are many participants in the blossoming business of early childhood education in India. Each of these mushrooming pre-schools has their unique offers for children and parents and assured recipes for success. But the key missing ingredient from most of these recipes is “good quality teachers.” There is a definite dearth of dedicated, trained and competent teachers who are passionate about making a difference in the early childhood years and are not just looking at a pre-school teacher’s job as a means of whiling their time. This is where Learning Edge India Pvt Ltd has again stepped up to take responsibility of turning around this grave situation.

It has an established LETTER division which aims at getting pre-school teachers academically and experientially ready for their challenging and fun roles.