Certificate Programs

Certificate in Technology in Teaching:

Technology is integral part of our lives. For students, it is very important aspect of their academics. For Teachers & schools, it is a part of the classroom. Teachers use technology for their own learning and also to enhance their teaching. Unfortunately, many of us does not completely make use of Technology, especially the teachers. This program on Technology in Teaching introduces various usage of technology in classroom.

Certification in Functional English and Communication.

We all hail from a country with various languages and dialects. Though English is a common language across our country, it has not been fully understood or used appropriately by many of us. For a teacher, English language communication is a must. This 2 month program, introduces the learner to the functional aspect and practical usage of English Language.

Certificate in Classroom Teaching and Instructional Strategies.

For a teacher to excel, her knowledge alone is not enough. She should know certain strategies to manage her classroom, her students, her teaching methodologies and assessment techniques to become a successful teacher. This program gives an in-depth understanding of various aspects of classroom teaching.