1. This is a 300-hour program with additional 50 hours of internship.
  2. This Program runs over a period of ten months.
  3. The program carries 35 credits.
  4. Viva-voce and Internship are part of the program.

Course Content:

  1. History of Education
  2. Child Development and Early Childhood Education.
  3. Personality Development of a Child
  4. A Teacher’s Personality
  5. Different Models of Preschool Education.
  6. Slow Learners & Remediation.
  7. Nutrition, Health & Safety.
  8. Classroom Teaching & Instructional Strategies – Preschool.
  9. Classroom Teaching & Instructional Strategies – Primary School.
  10. Technology in Teaching & Functional English,


Every program has a written examination at the end of the course. 40 % of the marks are calculated from the Internal assessments. Internal Assessments include seminars, group discussions, teaching aids, micro teaching, mini projects & viva. 60% of the marks are calculated from the external written examination. The overall pass percentage is 40%. The candidates who are acquiring above 75% will be awarded distinction. Candidates acquiring less than 40% will be considered as “Failed”. Examinations are conducted twice in a year – March and October. The candidates who have failed to clear the exam, can take the re-exam by paying an additional cost of Exam fee.

Mode of Delivery;

There are three modes of delivery of the Diploma programs – Weekday regular batches, Weekend batches & Online batches. The Weekday batches are conducted 9 hours per week and weekend batches are 6 hours per week. Typically, the timings of the classes are from 10am to 1pm. Sometimes, the class timings are altered as per the batch requirements.

The online programs are conducted as ‘Self-study- interactive model”. Online batches are available only for the working teachers. Every candidate will be assigned a Tutor,for the guidance throughout the course.